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Lesson 3: Hello World Example Revisited

We now repeat the Hello World! example, but as Eclipse project.

Eclipse ( is one of the most popular integrated developer environments for Java. It provides a lot of tools, may of which we will use in this lecture.

1. Why using Eclipse?

It offers:

  • syntax highlighting
  • refactoring
  • compilation of code while you type it
  • auto-completion
  • debugger
  • several other tools that we will use, such as
    • Maven
    • git
    • JUnit

2. Installing Eclipse

  • go to
  • click "Download"
  • select Eclipse package (currently Eclipse Neon and "Download 64 bit" (if you have a 64 bit machine, that is)
  • download the package
  • unpack it into a folder of your liking
  • inside that folder, you can find an executable named eclipse or eclipse.exe: run it

3. Using Eclipse

We again use a Hello World! program as example, but this time it comes as Eclipse project.