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I've joined the #100DaysOfCode Challenge

Hi, this is my repository for 100 Days of Code.

My goals

  1. Consolidate and extend my existing vanilla JavaScript skills
  2. Build a single page Vue.js application
  3. Develop small embedded instances of Vue.js widgets within an HTML context
  4. Enrich my overall understanding of modern web development

Learn more

  • You can read more about my goals and strategy in this post.
  • You can view my daily Instagram updates here
  • If you're really keen, you can check my blog for monthly updates.

Thanks for your interest,

Thomas :)


Below are listed the main learning resources I am using

Vanilla JS

  • Eloquent JavaScript 2nd. Edition, Haverbeke
  • You Don't Know JS: Up & Going, Simpson
  • JavaScript & jQuery, Duckett

Useful links

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