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bittorrent client

requirements: bencode bitstring

testing against deluge and opentracker on a linode instance

Strategies: Peer can set each torrent to downloading, seeding, or both torrent.seeding = True, torrent.downloading = True Torrents Have Behaviors: Behaviors can be functions that get called a lot, which maintain state. They needn't be methods. On every read/write event for instance, and perhaps also on a timer

Reactor needs timer events Torrent behaviors get called on timer events

peer.send_msg needs to take care of housekeeping for these messages individual messages need to time out, this housekeeping needs to happen even if now

recently done

  • Maintain whether connection should be kept open, and keep it open if so
  • actually check hashes - so figure out when pieces are done
  • file access instead of in-memory file construction
  • throw away data in memory after write (need to use representation other than a byte array
  • multiple file construction
  • if peer dies, return all pending requests
  • look at the problems we were having with high pipeline number and lower timed out request time
  • factor things out enough that Twisted could be used as a core put message buffer in a separate object, write recv_msg so no read/write events in peer/client objects
  • setup better logging
  • Use more memory-efficient bitmaps (SBA)

Soon todo

  • endgame ask-many and cancel messages
  • close connections with peers that say they have everything, or aren't interested
  • Don't ask if they don't have the piece
  • make sure being choked / being unchoked works ok
  • correctly not be interested when peer has nothing we want - read spec to make sure implement with torrent instructing peers in strategies
  • Read about and play with request size - presumably piece size is a max spec: >2^17 not allowed, generally 2^15 or 14 unless end of file
  • loading of incomplete files so DLs can be resumed either write metadata to disk or guess via runs of 0 bytes
  • strategy for torrent choosing peers, keep records of which peers worked, keep asking tracker for new peers periodically
  • profile to see where cpu is going

Later todo

  • write queries for status for UI to use
  • use packages instead of just modules
  • Figure out which peers to get which file pieces from (random is reasonable acc. to spec)
  • play with reactor timeouts
  • game theory algorithms - karma
  • change announce params, update more than once
  • Can requests spill across pieces?
  • profile to see if send operations are blocking (consider sending less data per)
  • Play with pipelineing for max DL speed
  • writing testing scripts
  • write tests for bittorrent logic - fake messages so no network io
  • use twisted
  • build a query system or other output method for a gui
  • Build a frontend visualization of data - urwid or html+js


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