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Python wrapper for Kippt's API
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Kippt for Python

Kippt for Python is an API wrapper for Kippt.

The library strives to stay as close to the actual API structure by having each resource in it's own class, and having each method return the original JSON without any modifications.


pip install kippt


Browse through the repository to see the various methods available. All methods are documented and should be fairly obvious - If not, please create an issue and I'll do what I can to update it!

Setup your application to use Kippt, and authenticate! Kippt for Python takes either a user/pass or user/token combination. If a password is given, Kippt will attempt to authenticate immediately - And if successful, will grab the api_token and use that for any further requests.

from kippt import Kippt

k = Kippt('my_username', password='my_password')
# or..
k = Kippt('my_username', api_token='my_crazy_long_api_token')

Checkout your profile:


Checkout some other user's profile:


Checkout your Kippt news feed:


How about with a larger limit?:


Or offset?:

k.clips().feed(limit=40, offset=5)



Contributing in 4 easy steps!

  • Fork the project.
  • Create a new feature branch.
  • Hack.
  • Submit a pull request.
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