(DEPRECATED) A Firebase adapter for Ember Data.
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This project has been deprecated. If you're looking for Ember + Firebase integration, check out the official EmberFire bindings.


This is a Firebase adapter for Ember Data.


Firebase is powerful because it sort of works as a standard CRUD store, with the unique twist of being able to live update models and collections.

Honestly, it's a bit weird mixing standard Ember Data CRUD operations with real-time updates, but it seems to be working out so far, and only feels slightly hacky.

This adapter can be used as a normal CRUD adapter, or to automatically add or remove models and properties as they are changed on your Firebase backend. This makes it shockingly powerful for combining persistence and live updates.


Refer to the wiki for usage information.


There's a lot of work left to do. Much of it is waiting for changes in Ember Data. For example, in Ember Data, there is essentially no (documented) way to return a "404/not found" on a find query, so that has yet to be implemented in this adapter, as well as a lot of other error handling.

Remember, since the Firebase object is exposed by the adapter, if you find yourself faced with an edge case that the adapter can't handle, you may be able to do it manually!


This project is built with Grunt. If you'd like to build it yourself, you'll want to clone the repo, npm install . to load dependencies into node_modules/, and then build it with grunt build. Running grunt dist will output a minified version in the dist/ folder.

Note that this project uses Square's ES6 Module Transplier to compile scripts that use the ECMAScript 6 module script syntax to AMD modules, then loads them with Almond in the final output. Almond minifies down to like < 1kb, though, so it's not exactly a huge overhead to worry about.


Create a Firebase DB for testing, then create a test/firebase_db.js file like so:

window.DB_NAME = "your_db_subdomain_here";

Create a static server with "grunt test" and navigate to http://localhost:9001/test/ to run the tests.