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Pearl Inspect rewrite

  • Two panel interface: left side contains entity list (ideally organized by parent-child tree), right side contains components
  • Components should only show/edit primitives by default
  • Add whitelist of special case editable objects
    • Coordinates
      • Should only ever replace the entire reference, allowing getters/setters to work

New Component Serialization

On the top level, just have a whitelisted set of displayed fields. Then only display "flat" properties. The object tree view should just be removed entirely.

Field types:

  • Number
  • String
  • Boolean (checkbox)
  • Special objects
    • Coordinates
      • Can duck-type: if (typeof val === 'object' && matchesCoordinatesShape(val))
      • Could eventually give up and just make a Vector class to replace
    • References to entities
      • Should show as a link to another entity
    • References to components
      • Should show as a link to another component
  • Array?
    • Not sure what this looks like yet

It might be useful to have some debug tools around "undisplayable" fields, like being able to console.log() them or something, letting Chrome deal with it.

It also might be worth it to just go ahead and make everything opt-in, especially since there's no way to reflect on private fields to avoid showing them:

class Physical extends Component<PhysSettings> {
  get center {}
  set center {}

  get localCenter {}
  set localCenter {}

  _localCenter = {x: 0, y: 0}

It might even be worth making it something like @inspectable('coordinates'), just to remove any magic.

It also may be worth it to just make vectors an actual class to avoid this going forward, tbh. Then reflect-metadata could be used to automatically store the type of the inspectable field. This would also be a good way to enforce things about what is and isn't inspectable - e.g., error out if some weird union type is used, or a generic Object type.

Godot has an [Export] tag used to show things in the editor.

One thing to keep in mind with the long-term design of this is that it would be nice to be able to log a field at any time, or dump it in the console, without worrying about the serialization of it in the inspector.

Button Interaction

Since Chrome now adds a button for every dang extension for some reason, it would be nice to copy React DevTools in highlighting the Pearl button if Pearl is present on a page. Here's how they do it:

Vue DevTools might also be good to look at: