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today, i... april 29th

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@@ -10,6 +10,11 @@ This is a public log of the work I do each day.
Current projects: [Noted](, [Charcoal]([Ember-Boilerplate](
+### April 29
+* Refactored localStorage adapter for ember-data to be a little less... weird and slapdash, I guess. Still not quite satisfied with it. Also still haven't fixed the "updating parent associations causes view refresh" issue; may need to start delving into ember-data itself. Should ask around to make sure there's no alternatives first.
+* Fixed less task in grunt-contrib to work for building multiple files into one (edge use case, since 99% of people would just use an @import directive instead of building two files into one, but doesn't hurt).
### April 28
* Ember templates in Charcoal are now added into the Ember.TEMPLATES array via a generated templates.js file instead of being embedded in the page.
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