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tariquesani commented Jun 7, 2016 edited

It would be great help to Brevet / Audax or any long distance riders if the speed based on Elapsed time can be shown as well. It is a simple calculation but my JS skill do not extend far enough to do the modification and create a Pull Request.

yay gran fondo done ride strava


And since I am impatient I whipped up a quick and very dirty extension for the time being at


@tariquesani Easy JS for me :) . Good Idea !

Do you have some "marketing" terms to promote this? "Your avg speed with beers pauses" ?! ... Which signifiant name could you give to this field?

Release in 3.9.0 probably

Just a through.... It's kind linked to "move ratio"


@thomaschampagne thomaschampagne added this to the 3.9.0 milestone Jun 9, 2016

We simply call it Total Speed locally. That was the term used in one of the threads in Strava forum as well. Yes, it is kind of related to move ratio.

Watching the repo. Keen to understand where the various parts of fit into this extension.

glandais commented Jun 9, 2016

In french we are used to say "vitesse commerciale" for trains. But I've not fund anything similar in english...


@glandais well seen la "vitesse commerciale"

What about "Rest speed" ?

@thomaschampagne thomaschampagne added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 2, 2016
@thomaschampagne #252 feature base b05d4a7
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@thomaschampagne close #252 0ade79d

Thank you very much!

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