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sed fix for OS X

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1 parent f15109b commit 9277faacf06b440e4b2914aba17ff2780e3cd4c4 @traviskaufman traviskaufman committed
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@@ -3,4 +3,10 @@ node r.js -o build.js
node r.js -o cssIn=../css/styles.css out=output/css/styles.css
cp ../index.html output/index.html
-sed -i 's/js\/libs\/require\/require.js/http:\/\/\/docs\/release\/1.0.5\/minified\/require.js/g' output/index.html
+SEDCMD='sed -i'
+if [[ $OSTYPE == *"darwin"* ]]; then
+SEDCMD=$SEDCMD' s/js\/libs\/require\/require.js/http:\/\/\/docs\/release\/1.0.5\/minified\/require.js/g output/index.html'
+rm -f output/*.tmp

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