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How to choose javascript libraries based on functionality with AMD #14

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How can we pick, say, DOM manipulation from JQuery, array utilities from YUI, UI widgets from Dojo, etc., with AMD, as mentioned in


I can't view the whole tutorial and @andrew8088 might have a better answer for your question as I am little confused by it.

jQuery has made itself AMD compatible in the latest commits.


Here's what I said in the tutorial:

In her talk “Modern JavaScript” at JSConf 2011, Rebecca Murphey said that she would
love a JavaScript world where you could pick and choose where you get your functionality:
you could get your DOM manipulation from jQuery, your array utilities from YUI, your UI
widgets from Dojo, etc. Trying this today would be a nightmare. But, guess what? AMD solves this.

Now, I'm just realizing that when I said "AMD solves this," I made it sound like the problem was already solved. What I meant to say, however, was that if the library makers would use the AMD pattern for their libraries, and make each part of their libraries a separate module, then we'd be able to, as you say, pick DOM stuff from jQuery, array utils from YUI, etc. Right now, that isn't really possible, although I understand Dojo is using AMD now. And it's great to hear that jQuery is now AMD compatible!

TL;DR: It's not possible right now. I hope it will be in the future.

Hope that helps!


It shure did. Thanks Andrew and Thomas

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