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2012-04-24, version 1.1
- fixed a bug. Dragging an object down which has been expanded and collapsed
again did not work.
- using a minified version of jsoneditor.js, to improve page load time and
save bandwidth.
2012-04-21, version 1.0
- values are no longer aligned in one global column, but placed directly right
from the field. Having field and value close together improves readability,
especially in case of deeply nested data.
- values are colorized by their type: strings are green, values read, booleans
blue, and null is purple.
- font is changed to a monotype font for better readability.
- special characters like \t are now handled nicely.
- overall performance and memory usage improved.
- when clicking on whitespace, focus is set to the closest field or value.
- some other small interface tweaks.
- fixed a bug with casting a value from type auto to string and vice versa
(the value was not casted at all).
2012-03-01, version 0.9.10
- nicer looking select box for the field types, with icons.
- improved drag and drop: better visualized, and now working in all browers.
- previous values will be restored after changing the type of a field. When
changing the type back, the previous value or childs will be restored.
- when hovering buttons (fieldtype, duplicate, delete, add) or when dragging
a field, corresponding field including its childs is highlighted. This makes
it easier to see what part of the data will be edited.
- errors are now displayed in a message window on top of the page instead of
an alert which pops up.
- fixed a bug with displaying enters in fields.
- fixed a bug where the last trailing enter was removed when setting json
in the editor.
- added a fix to get around Internet Explorer 8 issues with vertical scrollbars.
2012-01-29, version 0.9.9
- fields can be duplicated
- support for drag and drop:
- fields in the editor itself can be moved via drag and drop
- fields can be exported from the editor as JSON
- external JSON can be dropped inside the editor
- when changing type from array to object and vice versa, childs will be
maintained instead of removed.
- updated interface. Works now in IE8 too.
2012-01-16, version 0.9.8
- improved the performance of expanding a node with all its childs.
2012-01-09, version 0.9.7
- added functionallity to expand/collapse a node and all its childs. Click
the expand button of a node while holding Ctrl down.
- small interface improvements
2011-11-28, version 0.9.6
- first fully usable version of the JSON editor