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VERSION 1: Basic functionality
make the css namings more efficient/shorter
Get things working in IE7? maybe only a sizing problem (besides no JSON support)
for highlighting and expanding: send a timestamp, and when very large,
split via a timeout in different parts so, the browser stays responsive.
VERSION 2: Functionality
make the editor more keyboard friendly. Shortcut keys, access to the type dropdown menu
alt+arrow keys to navigate through the fields and values
copy a structure via Ctrl+ drag and drop?
load files from url or by upload
store the contents in the browser. also store all revisions (used with undo/redo)
add documentation/information about JSON in general
write documentation about the sourcecode
warning when an object has mutliple fields with the same name
create options:
- collapsed: true/false
- editableFields: true/false
when dragging higher than the top, or lower than the bottom, scroll the
whole editor.
VERSION 3: Performance
performance improvements: lazy loading of the HTML elements
method getValue() should retrieve the data from its in memory JSON, and not
by reading the from the fields on screen. Fields on screen must directly
update their value in memory when changed.
Also, the in memory JSON should correspond one to one to the real JSON data...
automatically update left or right panel contents on change?
VERSION 4: Validator
Implement a JSON Schema validator
the editor on the right will get an extra button on the right: for specifying
validation parameters. On the left, we will get two text editors on top of each
other: one with the JSON data, the other with the JSON schema.
By default, the validator is not visible. There will be an option in the main
menu to toggle validator.
Also: create buttons to generate JSON from a schema.
support for XML? others?
store data online, with an account?
payed account without ads and with some nice extra features?