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@@ -17,3 +17,19 @@ A user `jerf` gives an indepth critique and should proove a valuable insight.
"Erlang - This the road we didn't go down":
More food for thought
+h3. My thoughts
+p. I just wrote this up in a matter of minutes so can't do the duty of clarifying any refutations.
+Though my quick points would be
+* Clients are now more tightly coupled to Servers and actually influence the servers development
+* Versioning of data/api's becomes more complex
+* Security becomes more complex
+* We should be striving towards improving our understanding of REST to tackle the problems that this RPC implementation promises
+* "Now.js": and "dnode": have been around for a while now. They have already managed to grow a culture of negative sentiments
+h3. Hopefully some expects chime in and give us the other side of the story
+Thanks for reading, sorry for the crappy website!
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