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New Backbone and underscore tutorial, how do you pass this to $.when

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app is cached and distrubuted through <a href="" target="_blank">edge locations</a>
which increases the speed the site is served and also saves us money on bandwidth.
+ <h3>passing parent objects to deferred objects</h3>
+ <p>in the example I needed to access the parent object which contains a $.then and $.when. To get the parent object (this) into
+ the anonymous $.when function I simply used jQuery.proxy(func, this). Has anyone else been experimenting with this and is there
+ an easier way to do it?</p>
<p>p.s. the picture is from search for backbone in google images, was too funky to not share =)</p>
<p>p.s.s everytime you tweet a kitten dies</p>
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