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Statick is a statically-typed stack-based programming language with support for inter-process communication using channels. It uses affine, linear, and dependent types to ensure that channel communication operations are memory safe.

main =    -- S → S
  chan_1  -- S → S × chan(1, Rx, α) × chan(1, Tx, α)
  'sender -- S → S × (S' × chan(1, Tx, int) → S')
  proc_1  -- S × α × (S' × α → S'' : NoConsumeableOrUndroppableTypes) → S
  ?       -- S × chan(n+1, Rx, α) → S × chan(n, Rx, α) × α
  swap    -- S × α × β → S × β × α
  del     -- S × chan(0, Rx, α) → S

sender =  -- S × chan(1, Tx, int) → S
  42      -- S → S × int
  !       -- S × chan(n + 1, Tx, α) × α → S × chan(n, Tx, α)
  drop    -- S × α : Droppable → S

Statick compiles programs for Stannel, a stack-based, concurrent embedded processor I designed. My implementation of the processor supports two simultaneously executing programs on the BlackIce II FPGA. My implementation is a dual-core 16-bit, 2-stage pipelined processor with support for hardware-level scheduling and inter-process communication

This repository contains the code for the project I completed for my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Oxford. I was supervised for this project by Alex Rogers.

Statick = static typing + stacks
Stannel = stacks + channels

Building & using

Please note that the following has only been tested under macOS 10.14.


The Statick compiler (and an instruction-level simulator of Stannel) is written in Rust. You'll need to download the latest version of the Rust compiler. Afterwards, run cargo build in statick-tools to fetch dependencies and build the compiler.

The Rust project builds:

  • statickc: The Statick compiler. Run statickc inputfile -o outputfile to compile Statick code to Stannel assembly
  • as: The Stannel Assembler assembles Stannel assembly files into Stannel bytecode files
  • sim: An instruction-level simulator of the Stannel processor

You can also run cargo test to run all the tests associated with the Rust project. I recommend running this before running tests for Stannel, as running the Rust tests produce test case programs for the processor.


The Stannel processor (in stannel) is written in Verilog. I built and tested it using the open-source YoSys toolchain for a BlackIce II (although the design could be reimplemented on other FPGAs, I've only tested it on the BlackIce), which uses a Lattice iCE FPGA. Install the following to build the processor:

Once the tools are installed run make test in stannel to check the simulation executes correctly (this executes test benches with iVerilog). Then run make deploy to synthesize and deploy the processor to the BlackIce II.

In the scripts folder there are scripts for sending programs to the processor and checking their output against the the Rust instruction-level simulator and the Verilog simulation of the processor. Use scripts/ to run one of the sample (Stannel) programs in the programs directory on the processor.

If you've previously run cargo test on the Statick tools project, run ../scripts/ to run compiled Statick -> Stannel compiled test cases.

License & contributing

The contents of this repository is available under the MIT License. Please note that I cannot accept contributions to allow the examiners time to view the original code.


A concurrent concatenative programming language and a parallel embedded processor





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