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# By clicking the first link of a Wikipedia article you will, in most cases, get
# to the article on philosophy. I then found a fixed route from philosophy to
# the CS department, so we do that route at the end
import wikigame
# Ensure that we don't get stuck in a loop
seen = set()
current = wikigame.random_article()
while current.lower() != "philosophy":
links = wikigame.links_in_order(current)
# Remove any links not already seen
links = [link for link in links if not link in seen]
# Go to the first link in the article
if len(links) > 0:
current = links[0]
# You could come up with a better strategy here
print("Dead end!")
# A known route from Philosophy to the CS department
print("Colin McGinn")
print("University of Oxford")
print("Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford")