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The good old floppyfw, now generation 4.

But what will this be? It's still Buildroot based but this time without a devkit. You just download / clone ffw4 and buildroot, pick the defconfig you want (right now it's ffw4-vm for virtual machines and ffw4-pi for RaspberryPi.) and start making.

I will provide images aswell, and those will of course be found here. Images in a floppy? Sorry, no. I am pretty sure that's practically impossible, just the compiled kernel for vmfw is 1.9MB

So, what's the main difference from floppyfw-3.0?

  • It does not fit on a floppy. It has grown way beyond my liking and the base image is now 40MB.
  • No web server, no GUI. Just edit files and run along.
  • /etc/init.d/ - initscripts. But still very simple and main config is done in ff2.conf (which was named config before)
  • Newest possible released Linux kernel (3.17 when this was written.
  • No iptables,but instead I've jumped directly to nftables
  • Can be compiled and run on anything that Buildroot can be persuaded to build for. Right now it's RaspberryPi and Virtualbox, but I also want to run it on one or more Mikrotik routers.


  • Download/clone buildroot.
  • cp Makefile.ffw-dist Makefile.ffw
  • Edit Makefile
    • You need to pick a variant. (Or use an environment variable)
    • and change at least the placement of the buildroot source.
  • For now, to handle the ffw4 specific stuff in Makefile.ffw you have to run
  • Copy the config files you want to edit from ffw4-configs/ to local-configs/ and edit them there. They will be copied into the image on image creation.


The good old floppyfw, now generation 4.






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