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# The directory where exitwp looks for wordpress export xml files.
wp_exports: wordpress-xml
# The target directory where all output is saved.
build_dir: build
# Output format: primary choices are html or markdown.
target_format: markdown
# The date format of the wikipedia export file.
# I'm not sure if this ever differs depending on wordpress localization.
# Wordpress is often so full of strange quirks so I wouldnt rule it out.
date_format: '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'
# Try to download and reloacate all images locally to the blog.
download_images: False
# Item types we don't want to import.
item_type_filter: {attachment, nav_menu_item}
# filter by any field type on the post.
# By default, we're filtering based on field "status" set to "draft"
item_field_filter: {status: draft}
# Filter taxonomies.
filter: {}
# Filter taxonomies entries.
entry_filter: {category: Uncategorized}
# Rename taxonomies when writing jekyll output format.
name_mapping: {category: categories, post_tag: tags}
# Replace certain patterns in body
# Simply replace the key with its value
body_replace: {
# '<pre.*?lang="(.*?)".*?>': '\n{% codeblock \1 lang:\1 %}\n',
# '<pre.*?>': '\n{% codeblock %}\n',
# '</pre>': '\n{% endcodeblock %}\n',
# '[python]': '{% codeblock lang:python %}',
# '[/python]': '{% endcodeblock %}',