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Flappy Bird Wii

This is really just a fun experiment for me since I've never made a Wii app before. It's a flappy bird clone for Wii, although only the flapping part. There's no way to lose, you just press A to flap the bird up and watch it fall down. Still fun though.

Video of it in action: https://twitter.com/tomf64/status/609124107838488576

If you want to compile this yourself, download Dev Kit Pro and set the $DEVKITPPC environment variable. Then just clone this repo and run make inside it (you may need to make clean first). To deploy to a Wii, first make sure it's homebrewed, then connect to the internet on it and open the homebrew channel. Set your wii's IP address by running export WIILOAD=tcp:<Wii IP>, then just run ./wiiload while on the same network as your wii to automatically download and run it.