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A simple-to-use highlight marker for search text highlighting
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HighlightMarker.Android Release stable version 1.1.0 Nov 30, 2016

HighlightMarker is a library which supports you in highlighting text of a UI label. This can be particularly helpful if you want to highlight the user's search input e.g. in a list of text items.

Xamarin Android Xamarin iOS Windows Presentation Foundation Windows Phone App 8.1 Windows Store App 8.1

Download and Install HighlightMarker

This library is available on NuGet: Use the following command to install HighlightMarker using NuGet package manager console:

PM> Install-Package HighlightMarker

You can use this library in any .Net project which is compatible to PCL (e.g. Xamarin Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Universal Apps, etc.). There is a special NuGet package for Xamarin.Forms available:

PM> Install-Package HighlightMarker.Forms

How to use HighlightMarker

Essentially, HighlightMarker tells you from/to which character of a given text you need to start/stop highlighting the user's search input. To explain how HighlightMarker works, it's best to consult the a simple unit test. Following test shows how a given FullText is highlighted with the string in variable SearchText:

// Arrange
const string FullText = "full text for highlight marking";
const string SearchText = "highlight";
var highlightMarker = new HighlightMarker(FullText, SearchText);

// Act
var highlightList = highlightMarker.ToList();

// Assert

Debug view of highlightList

In order to make this highlighting logic accessible to any UI, there is a couple of platform-specific implementations for UI text highlighting. Have a look at the following subchapters:

Using HighlightMarker in Xamarin.Forms

In the folder Samples\HighlightMarker.Forms you can find a Xamarin.Forms demo project which displays a searchable list of shopping malls. The <ViewCell.View> defines a custom cell template for the malls list. The most interesting part are the custom bindings named TextHighlightBehavior.HighlightedText and TextHighlightBehavior.FullText. All you need to do is binding the HighlightedText property to the search string (in our case we reference the Text property of the SearchBar) and binding the FullText property to the ViewModel property.

    <Label forms:TextHighlightBehavior.HighlightedText="{Binding Text, Source={x:Reference SearchBar}}"
           forms:TextHighlightBehavior.FullText="{Binding Title}" />

Using HighlightMarker in Xamarin.Android projects

Create a custom ListFragment and update each list item's content (which can be a custom FrameLayouts for example) when the highlight text has changed. There is an extension method TextViewExtensions.HighlightText for highlighting the text of a TextView object.

Using HighlightMarker in Xamarin.iOS projects

The sample project HighlightMarkerSample.iOS illustrates how to use HighlightMarker in Xamarin.iOS projects. CustomTableViewCell (which is an implementation of UITableViewCell) is responsible for updating the highlighting. UILabelExtensions contains an extension method HighlightText which is used to highlight the text of a UILabel.

public class CustomTableViewCell : UITableViewCell
    private readonly UILabel headingLabel;
    private readonly UILabel subheadingLabel;

    public CustomTableViewCell(NSString cellId) : base(UITableViewCellStyle.Default, cellId)

    public void UpdateCell(string caption, string subtitle, UIImage image, string searchText)
        this.headingLabel.Text = caption;
        this.headingLabel.HighlightText(searchText, UIColor.Blue);
        this.subheadingLabel.Text = subtitle;
        this.subheadingLabel.HighlightText(searchText, UIColor.Blue);

Using HighlightMarker in Windows Phone projects

TODO: Document usage of TextBlockHighlighting and its attached dependency properties.


Let me know your optinion and how we can improve this project. You are kindly invited to write an issue if you want to discuss problems and/or propose new features. Contributors are highly welcome!


HighlightMarker is Copyright © 2016 Thomas Galliker. Free for non-commercial use. For commercial use please contact the author.


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