TestFactory is a utility which helps composing and orchestrating test runs.
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TestFactory is a utility which helps composing and orchestrating test runs. TestFactory allows to create collections of test steps and guarantees that test steps run in a specific order. The result of a test run is summarized in a test summary.

Download and Install TestFactory

This library is available on NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/TestFactory/ Use the following command to install TestFactory using NuGet package manager console:

PM> Install-Package TestFactory

You can use this library in any .Net project which is compatible to PCL (e.g. Xamarin Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Universal Apps, etc.)

API Usage

Orchestrating Test Sequences

The following code excerpt shows how TestFactory can be used to orchestrate a collection of independent test steps:

// Setup test steps
var systemTestBuilder = new SystemTestBuilder()
    .AddTestStep(() => { })
    .AddTestStep(() => { throw new Exception("Something failed"); });

// Run test suite
var testResult = await systemTestBuilder.Run();

// Assert test result

Reporting Test Runs

The following code excerpt shows how TestFactory reports the test result summary of a test run:

Test Result Summary:

Overall success: False
Overall duration: 00:00:00.0005243
Number of test steps: 2 (successful: 1 / failed: 1)

-> ActionTestStep:			IsSuccessful = True,			Duration = 00:00:00.0005243
-> ActionTestStep:			IsSuccessful = False,			Duration = 
        System.Exception: Something failed
           at TestFactory.Tests.SystemTestBuilderTests.<>c.<ShouldPartiallyFailIfLastStepFails>b__2_1() in C:\src\github\thomasgalliker\TestFactory\Tests\TestFactory.Tests\SystemTestBuilderTests.cs:line 24
           at TestFactory.TestSteps.ActionTestStep.Run() in C:\src\github\thomasgalliker\TestFactory\TestFactory\TestSteps\ActionTestStep.cs:line 16
           at TestFactory.SystemTestBuilder.Run() in C:\src\github\thomasgalliker\TestFactory\TestFactory\SystemTestBuilder.cs:line 32

Running Test Steps In Parallel

TestFactory handles sequential and parallel execution. Following code snippet demonstrates how sequential and parallel test steps can be used in one test run. Step 1 and 2 are executed in sequence while the following five tasks run in parallel to eachother. The execution roughly takes 3 seconds.

// Arrange
var systemTestBuilder = new SystemTestBuilder()
        .AddTestStepAsync(async () => { await Task.Delay(1000); this.testOutputHelper.WriteLine($"Step1 (sync) finished on Thread {Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId}"); })
        .AddTestStepAsync(async () => { await Task.Delay(1000); this.testOutputHelper.WriteLine($"Step2 (sync) finished on Thread {Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId}"); })
            async () => { await Task.Delay(1000); this.testOutputHelper.WriteLine($"Step3 (async) finished on Thread {Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId}"); },
            async () => { await Task.Delay(1000); this.testOutputHelper.WriteLine($"Step4 (async) finished on Thread {Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId}"); },
            async () => { await Task.Delay(1000); this.testOutputHelper.WriteLine($"Step5 (async) finished on Thread {Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId}"); },
            async () => { await Task.Delay(1000); this.testOutputHelper.WriteLine($"Step6 (async) finished on Thread {Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId}"); },
            async () => { await Task.Delay(1000); this.testOutputHelper.WriteLine($"Step7 (async) finished on Thread {Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId}"); });

// Act
var testResult = await systemTestBuilder.Run();

// Assert

The console output (in this case xunit's ITestOutputHelper) displays following order of execution. We observe, that the steps 3 to 7 are executed in random order, parallel to eachother.

Step1 (sync) finished on Thread 12
Step2 (sync) finished on Thread 9
Step4 (async) finished on Thread 9
Step3 (async) finished on Thread 9
Step7 (async) finished on Thread 9
Step6 (async) finished on Thread 9
Step5 (async) finished on Thread 9

The test result summarizes the test run das follows:

Test Result Summary:

Overall success: True
Overall duration: 00:00:03.0295196
Number of test steps: 3 (successful: 3 / failed: 0)

-> TaskTestStep:			IsSuccessful = True,			Duration = 00:00:01.0116610

-> TaskTestStep:			IsSuccessful = True,			Duration = 00:00:01.0017726

-> ParallelTestStep:			IsSuccessful = True,			Duration = 00:00:01.0160860
        |-> TaskTestStep:			IsSuccessful = True,			Duration = 00:00:01.0037856
        |-> TaskTestStep:			IsSuccessful = True,			Duration = 00:00:01.0000253
        |-> TaskTestStep:			IsSuccessful = True,			Duration = 00:00:01.0099737
        |-> TaskTestStep:			IsSuccessful = True,			Duration = 00:00:01.0085763
        |-> TaskTestStep:			IsSuccessful = True,			Duration = 00:00:01.0070593


This project is Copyright © 2018 Thomas Galliker. Free for non-commercial use. For commercial use please contact the author.