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This library will address these problems:

  • When set windowSoftInputMode to adjustNothing, the React Native Keyboard events, keyboardDidHide and keyboardDidShow, will stop working (see issue #2852).

  • When Keyboard appear the entire app content will move up (iOS and Android).

  • For chat application than needs to keep the bottom text input in the same position when dismiss the Keyboard and show some actions, the switch will not be that smooth.

Getting started

$ yarn add react-native-keyboard-area

Is recommend to use React Native > 0.60, the autolinking will install this library native RNKeyboard module for iOS and Android.


  • On iOS: React Native provides a component called KeyboardAvoidingView, wrap your page with that and it will move up the content when the keyboard appears.

  • On Android: By default in the AndroidManifest.xml we have the windowSoftInputMode set to adjustResize, the entire app content will move up when the keyboard appears so we don't need the KeyboardAvoidingView component.

In both way, the entire page content will move up or down then the Keyboard appear or disappear.

But sometimes we don't need to whole app to move up, the most common example is a Chat application, we might want to switch to a Custom View when the keyboard disappear.

Here comes this Library

This library solve the problem by creating a wrapper component KeyboardArea, this component will adjust his height then the keyboard appear or disappear.

In addition is also possible to control the state with isOpen props or with the exposed open() and close() methods.

Another benefit is that the ReactNaive will not repaint the whole app when the keyboard appears since main view will not change is size.

Real world example: before and after

Before After

Before: Using ReactNative KeyboardAvoidingView and adjustResize, the result is not very good, the page "jumps" when the keyboard disappear after the switch

After: Using this library, the entire view will not move, and the keyboard area under the input will keep the same height during the switch

How it works?

This library have some iOS and Android native code to notify, through an event named KeyboardSizeChanges, the KeyboardArea component when the keyboard height changes.

  • On iOS we just use the UIResponder keyboardWillShowNotification and keyboardWillHideNotification to then emit the event with the current height.

  • On Android we need to set the windowSoftInputMode to adjustNothing, to avoid the keyboard to move up the entire view, then we create a invisible PopupWindow to listen the layout changes and measure the keyboard height.


Most of the logic is inside the KeyboardArea component, we just need to wrap the content we want to show when the keyboard disappear and then set the isOpen props when we need to show, in follow example case, the ChatActionsInput component.

** this is a simplified version of the above screenshots **

import { KeyboardArea, KeyboardAreaRef } from 'react-native-keyboard-area';

/// ...
keyboardSpacerRef = createRef<KeyboardSpacerRef>();

handleUserClick = () => {

handleChangeMode = () => {
    this.setState(prev => ({
        prev.inputMode === ChatInputModes.Actions
          ? ChatInputModes.Text
          : ChatInputModes.Actions,

keyboardAreaHeightChanged = (isOpen: boolean, currentHeight: number) => {
  // Your logic

render() {

    return (
            <ChatMessageList />
            <ChatTextInput onChangeMode={this.handleChangeMode} />
                isOpen={inputMode === ChatInputModes.Actions}
                <ChatActionsInput />

Android notes

Since on android we might want use adjustResize for the others page, we can use this library setWindowSoftInputMode to dynamically change the SoftInput mode only for the pages that we need, for example:

import { RNKeyboard, SoftInputMode } from 'react-native-keyboard-area';

// Example with react-navigation page focus/blur events

componentDidMount() {
  navigation.addListener('blur', this.componentDidExit);
  navigation.addListener('focus', this.componentDidEnter);

componentDidEnter = () => {
  if (Platform.OS === 'android') {

componentDidExit = () => {
  if (Platform.OS === 'android') {

componentWillUnmount() {
  navigation.removeListener('blur', this.componentDidExit);
  navigation.removeListener('focus', this.componentDidEnter);


For Android all credits goes to Cristian Holdunu and Siebe Brouwer for the PopupWindow idea implementation and to calculate the keyboard height, I just port it in the React Native module system.

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