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#include "ofLog.h"
#include "ofxCommandLineUtils.h"
// ./bin/ -v -d -p 8000 -h localhost
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
cxxopts::Options options("example-commandlineargs", "example application to demonstrate how ot use cxxopts");
options.add_options()("d,debug", "Enable debugging") // a bool parameter
("p,port", "port", cxxopts::value<int>()) // int parameter, no default
("h,host", "host", cxxopts::value<std::string>()) // host parameter, no default
("v,verbose", "Verbose output", cxxopts::value<bool>()->default_value("false"));
auto result = options.parse(argc, argv);
ofLogNotice("debug") << result["d"].as<bool>();
ofLogNotice("verbose") << result["v"].as<bool>();
if (result.count("port"))
ofLogNotice("port") << result["p"].as<int>();
if (result.count("host"))
ofLogNotice("host") << result["h"].as<std::string>();
return 0;
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