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The details provided in theses and dissertations are often helpful towards new research projects. Referencing those works is connected with more work than needed. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses does not distinguish M.S. theses and Dissertations properly. BibTeX exported references for M.S. theses from ProQuest are incorrect and need to be corrected using this code.

Finding M.S. Theses

First use the advanced search of ProQuest, or the dissertation search platform.

Use adv("LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME") to search for an advisor. You could also use ab() to search the abstracts, but that could give large datasets. The institution is searched with SCH("Long Beach"). Other searches include cc(0611: Condensed matter physics), cc(0605: Physics), cc(0600: Solid State Physics), and for nulcear physics cc(798)

Possible searches:

  • (cc(0605: Physics) or cc(0611) or cc(0798) or cc(0600)) and SCH("Long Beach")
  • adv("last,first")

Exporting BibTeX

After the theses are found, select the Cite, then choose BibTeX as the style and output as text only. Either paste and copy or download to a text file.

ProQuest incorrectly categorizes mastertheses as phdtheses, so the references do not show up properly. The reformatting follows the (BibTeX examples)[].

ProQuest does not export the school / university either, so it needs to be added separately.

Converting output

Follow these steps:

  • Configure myConfig.R with the path information
  • Save the source data as explained above in a text file with the extension .txt and the text ProQuest somewhere in the filename.
  • Run msThesis-master.R to pick-up latest source data file and convert to bib file with the same name.

Example output

The Masters' Thesis Coercivity Dependence on Chain Length in a Low-Dimensional Magnetic System would be cited as follows:

  author       = {Kevin Cano},
  title        = {Coercivity Dependence on Chain Length in a Low-Dimensional Magnetic System},
  school       = {California State University Long Beach},
  year         = 2019,
  address      = {Long Beach, CA, USA},
  month        = 1,
  note         = {}


citing M.S. theses from ProQuest and search by advisor




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