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CSULB M.S. Thesis Template

M.S. thesis template at California State University Long Beach (CSULB) for the Department of Physics and Astronomy


  • (2016-01-09) Updated style sheets to support bold titles instead of underlines
  • (2019-08-04) Simplified main file

How to Use

Use git to clone the M.S. thesis template:

git clone

As the compiler use miktex with the appropriate GUI, on Mac that would probably be TeXShop and on Windows, it would be WinShell. If you do not want to worry about compilers you can use the OverLeaf environment online and upload these files. Moreover, for tables an online generator is really useful, such as TableGenerator.


  • configure myConfig.tex
  • try to compile MS-thesis.tex
  • add figures into folders Figs and generated in Figs-Generated, see Gredig Lab Guidelines
  • add bibliography file (export from Zotero)
  • Complete the files in the manuscript folder
  • compile.

The workflow should be that you have data in the RAW folder, then R scripts to process the RAW data and produce graphs in the Figs-Generated folder. The thesis will reference those figures. The prefix of the image / graphics file is name of the R file, so if a graphics needs to be modified, the source location can easily be found. Data in the RAW folder can never be modified.

Additional Tools

You can find more tips on how to write a compelling M.S. thesis using the Gredig Lab Guidelines. If the Bibliography file needs to be shortened, then use LaTeX Trim BibTeX Utility. You should cite other M.S. thesis work, whenever you are using their work. Here is an automated way to generate the bibliography items, using the ProQuest Citation Generator.


LaTeX template for M.S. thesis at CSU Long Beach




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