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CRM Press is the standalone version of the TwentyTen CRM / Genesis CRM by Bill Erickson and is by far the best WordPress CRM on the planet.
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crmpress updated as requested to include github theme updates Aug 20, 2011
README updated readme to reflect version update with changelog Aug 20, 2011


It's time to take the wonderful TwentyTen CRM and turn it into a standalone theme. Enter CRM Press.

This repo is for the development of the CRM Press theme.


@author Bill Erickson <>
@author Andrew Norcross <>
@author Jared Atchison <>
@author Thomas Griffin <>



-added support for automatic updates


-minor bug fixes
-added in functionality to the dashboard widget; it is now populated by active/scheduled projects and prospects


-Initial release into the wild with some bug fixes
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