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Portals for Halogen: Render child components anywhere in the DOM
PureScript Dhall Nix
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Halogen Portal

When you render an element or component in Halogen, it's inserted within the nearest parent node. Sometimes it's useful to insert a child into a different location in the DOM, especially for:

  • modals
  • dialogs
  • tooltips
  • loading bars
  • breaking elements out of parents with overflow: hidden or z-index set

This component allows you to take any child component and mount it at a target node in the DOM instead of directly within its parent. All you need to do is use the portal function instead of the traditional slot function:

-- old:
HH.slot _modal unit Modal.component modalInput (Just <<< HandleModal)

-- new: this mounts to the `<body>` node instead
portalAff _modal unit Modal.component modalInput Nothing (Just <<< HandleModal)

The component within the portal can be used exactly as if it were just a regular child component -- you can send queries, subscribe to outputs, and use the component types as before.


Due to the use of runUI, only components which can be easily interpreted into Aff can be used. This includes Aff and ReaderT r Aff, and that's about it. More specifically, you can provide a function m (n ~> Aff) that can pull in the monadic context of the parent to interpret the child component into Aff, but effects from the child component will not bubble up to the parent component at all.

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