tap + haiku = tapku, a well crafted open source iOS framework for iPhone & iPad
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TapkuLibrary is a collection of iPhone classes intended for broad use in applications.

http://devinsheaven.com http://tapku.com


The Tapku Library provides iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad developers an extension to Cocoa Foundation and the UIKit frameworks to build iPhone OS applications. The framework contains user interface elements like coverflow, calendar and charting user interface classes. Other useful functionality include new Table View Cells, easy creation of HTTP Post requests and extending notifications for device shaking.

Great! Where do I begin? / Documentation

The best place to start is by downloading the source and trying out the demo app. This demo gives an overview of the functionality of the framework. To figure out how to properly use the library in your own project and take a look at the documentation, take a look at the wiki.