this is going to be my code-sink. mainly for java files
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Hey all,

this is my code-sink for mainly java files.

Have fun to browse through many things for:

Please notice that this is in fact no framework, much rather a common library for my everyday usage. I won't bother about backward compatibility, extensive documentation and full test coverage- although I try my best to at least fulfill the last two.


Since I am Apache committer, I consider everything inside of this repository licensed by Apache 2.0 license, although I haven't put the usual header into the source files.

If something is not licensed via Apache 2.0, there is a reference or an additional licence header included in the specific source file.


If you use maven, you can get the latest release using the following dependency:


Package Layout

  • /src -> raw source code.
  • /test -> testcases for the code in /src.
  • /files -> reserved directory for files in examples or ignored paths for output of applications.
  • /jcuda -> the cuda 3rd party libs for the de.jungblut.math.cuda package


You will need Java 8 first. You can simply build with:

mvn clean package install

The created jar contains debuggable code + sources. On the unfortunate event of failing testcases you can skip them:

mvn clean package install -DskipTests

If you want to skip the signing process you can do:

mvn clean package install -Dgpg.skip=true