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mite is a sleek time tracking tool for teams and freelancers.

Mantis2mite connects your Mantis account with your mite.account. Track your time easily on issues within Mantis and get them automatically send to mite.

Projects from Mantis can be bundled with mite.projects. Furthermore, you can specify which should be available in Mantis on a per-project basis.


Important note for the plugin versions

Please use version 1.2 of the plugin for Mantis BT 1.2.0 RC1.

For higher versions of Mantis BT you have to use the plugin version from 1.2.1.


  1. Move the Mantis2mite directory into the plugins directory of your Mantis installation
  2. Login as a user with admin privileges
  3. Go to Manage > Manage Plugins
  4. Click in the box Available Plugins on the link Install for the listed plugin ‘Mantis2_mite_ 1.0’


General Plugin options

Note: To access this area, you must have admin privileges.

You can define the minimum access level for users to see time entries of other users.
Go to Manage > Manage Plugins and go to the plugin page by clicking on mite 1.0.
Select the access level and click and update.

Plugin options for your account

Go to My Account > mite and try to connect to your mite.account.

On successful connection you can start now to track time for every bug in Mantis you have access to.

In order to provide fast access to specific and mite.projects on a bug in a specific Mantis project, you can easily interconnect those values. Just follow the instructions provided.

Precondition is of course the user having Mantis projects assigned to him.

Tracking time

Once the connection to your mite.account was verified, tracking your time in Mantis is very easy. Go to a bug, click on Add new time entry, fill out the form, send it, done!


Why are older Mantis versions not supported?

Mantis 1.2.0 is the first version with a real plugin system you can actually work with. See the release notes for details.

Will disconnecting my mite.account also delete the time entries in mite i tracked with the plugin in Mantis?

No. Only the data stored in Mantis will be deleted.

Known issues

Connecting to mite and sending time entries takes forever…

This might be an issue of your server, if it uses DNS servers that are too slow when trying to resolve the domain. I will have a close look at an interesting discussion about this topic on

If you wanna know for sure, try placing this code snippet somewhere on your server an execute it.

	$ch = curl_init('http://<your-account-name>');
	curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
	curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER,
		array('Content-Type: application/xml',
	 		  'X-MiteApiKey: <your-api-key>'));  
	$s_output = curl_exec($ch);
	echo $s_output;

If you see the results very fast (~ less than 3 seconds), this was not the issue. In this case please contact me, because it is an unknown bug ;-).


Mantis2mite is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included MIT-LICENSE file.


Mantis2mite connects your Mantis account with your mite.account. Track your time easily on issues within Mantis and get them automatically send to mite.







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