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require './app'
# Compass Configuration
require 'grid-coordinates'
# Configuration to use when running within Sinatra
project_path = Sinatra::Application.root
# HTTP paths
http_path = '/'
http_stylesheets_path = '/stylesheets'
http_images_path = '/images'
http_javascripts_path = '/javascripts'
# File system locations
css_dir = File.join 'public', 'stylesheets'
sass_dir = File.join 'views', 'stylesheets'
images_dir = File.join 'public', 'images'
javascripts_dir = File.join 'public', 'javascripts'
# Syntax preference
preferred_syntax = :sass
# Determine whether Compass generates relative or absolute paths
relative_assets = false
# Determines whether line comments should be added to compiled css for easier debugging
line_comments = false
# CSS output style - :nested, :expanded, :compact, or :compressed
output_style = :expanded
# Learn more:
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