Analysis of the OSM building coverage in Austria (scripts, map and web application for coverage scores).
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OpenStreetMap Austria Building Coverage

This is a services that continuously calculates the building outline coverage in OpenStreetMap compared to the Austrian basemap for each Austrian municipality, district, and federal state.

See The Site in Action!

Basic Setup

Here is a rough outline of the setup process if you want to run the service on your own.

  • Install Python 3
  • Install required Python 3 modules
    • psycopg2
    • Pillow
    • numpy
    • cv2
    • requests
    • django
    • pygal
    • mapnik
  • Install PostgreSQL 9.x
  • Install required PostgreSQL extensions
    • PostGIS
    • hstore
    • pgcrypto
  • Install other required software
    • osm2pgsql
    • osmupdate
    • mb-util
    • TileMill
  • Set up basic tiles
    • Download basempap Tiles at zoom level 16 (scripts/basemap/
    • Extract buildings from basemap tiles (scripts/basemap/
  • Import OSM Austria extract with osm2pgsql
  • Generate admin boundaries and tile indices per municipality
    • Create boundary database table (scripts/coverage-scores/create-admin-boundaries.sql)
    • Create new TileMill project with a PostgreSQL layer and the following statement (select id, name, way, color as colorvalue from austria_admin_boundaries where admin_level=3) as municipalities
    • Execute the script scripts/coverage-scores/ and paste the result into style.mss in TileMill
    • Render the result with the bounding box set to Austria any with zoom level 16 only (takes up about 200 MB of disk space)
    • Extract the tiles with mb-util austria-municipalities.mbtiles austria-municipalities-16
  • Prepare basemap buildings-only tiles for rendering them on a map
    • scripts/mapnik/ <path-to-basemap-buildings-only-tiles>/ 16
  • Create a cronjob for the script and pass it the required arguments