Search the internet using SMS when you have no internet! 😎
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Won best use of Priceline API at YHACK-2015. Won 2nd best use of HP Haven-On-Demand API.

The one stop hotline.

A product of YHACK-2015, Hotline-Bing is an SMS driven web-search client. Search the internet and used internet based services when you have no internet! Based on initial user input as stored in note the query is either handed off to Haven-On-Demand where text analysis is done and the proper dates and locations are returned, or given directly to Bing.

if the user indicates that she wants to look for a hotel on Priceline than the API is queried with the users input and the top hotels are returned. The user gets to see the top hotel listings in the selected area with the option to learn more about any of them. If they user indicates that they would like to pay then a link to the Braintree payments system is sent to them where they can then pay for the hotel room at that time.


When you text the server we have the ability to handle your request across multiple servers. As such we have a text modifier or keyword that should be the first part of your message to the service. Currently these modifiers are split and then stored as a prenote. Supported prenotes currently include "Bing" to query Bing, and "fiscal" to query the FiscalNote database. If you respond to a Priceline text which includes multiple hotels with a number then we will respond with more listing information of the hotel you requested, i.e. policy and description. By default if you ask to book a hotel during such a date range then we will search Priceline after hitting HP Haven-On-Demand so it is because we can do natural language processing 💣 that we do not have a prenote for "Priceline".

Roll this yourself.

To roll this yourself it would be quite simple. Clone this repo and make sure you have Node installed. Go about installing all of the dependencies and then replace the developer keys. They are as follows: merchantId, publicKey, privateKey in the payments.js file, and the accKey for both Bing and Haven-On-Demand. Couple this with a fully functioning non-Sandbox account from Braintree, a premium Twilio account & keys and a real payment forum and you're in business.

It's likely that much in this repo is either broken, or written in a really horrible or hacked up way. We know this, we wrote it in less than 30 hours over two days. Pull-requests and issues are welcome.


MIT License. See for more information.