A GitHub app that adds an "in progress" status on pull requests to avoid merging it prematurely
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A GitHub app that adds an "in progress" status to your pull requests to avoid merging them prematurely.

DontMergeMeYet marks the pull request as pending if one of these conditions is true:

  • the PR title contains "WIP" or "DO NOT MERGE" (customizable)
  • the PR has a wip or in-progress label (customizable)
  • a commit message contains "contains "WIP" or "DO NOT MERGE" (customizable)
  • a commit message starts with "fixup!" or "squash!", indicating the branch should be autosquashed

Otherwise, the pull request is marked as ready to merge.


If a pull request contains "WIP" or "DO NOT MERGE" in its title or in a commit message, DontMergeMeYet shows the following status:

Work in progress

If a pull request has commits that need to be squashed (fixup! or squash! commits), DontMergeMeYet shows the following status:

Squash needed

Otherwise, DontMergeMeYet shows the following status:

Ready to merge


Head to the application's public page, and install the app into one or more repos.


You can customize the WIP keywords and labels by creating a dontmergemeyet.yml file at the root of your repo:

- text: DO NOT MERGE
  caseSensitive: false  # default is case insensitive
- text: WIP
  caseSensitive: true
- wip
- in-progress

Note that these settings don't affect how fixup commits are detected ("fixup!" or "squash!" prefix).

DontMergeMeYet will always look for this file on the base branch of the pull request (i.e. the branch into which the PR will be merged).


DontMergeMeYet doesn't store any information on users or repositories. By using DontMergeMeYet, you grant it the following permissions:

No access to code (except the dontmergemeyet.yml configuration file)
✔️ Read access to metadata and pull requests
✔️ Read and write access to commit statuses