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This plugin allows you to controll any browser viewing your lovelace frontend from Home Assistant.

Example uses

  • Make the camera feed from your front door pop up on the tablett in your kitchen when someone rings the doorbell.
  • Have a message pop up on every screen in the house when it's bedtime.
  • Make the browser on your workstation switch to a specific tab when the kitchen light is on after midnight

Important note!

From Home Assistant version 0.90, Browser commander will only work if the user that's logged in to the interface you want to controll is in the admin group.

Installation instructions

This plugin requires card-tools to be installed.

For installation instructions see this guide.


browser-commander is controlled by firing an event from Home Assistant.

The event is called browser_command and has one required field - command. Each command has more required fields.

E.g. to fire the event from a script:

      - event: browser_command
          command: debug
          id: abc8427e-297dce9a

The id field specifies which browser or browsers should react to the event. id can be either a string or a list of strings with unique browser IDs. If omitted entirely, every browser currently viewing your lovelace interface will react. The unique browser ID can be displayed with the debug command.

The commands are:


Will open a popup displaying the browser ID.


  • navigation_path

Will open the URL supplied in navigation_path, e.g. /lovelace/0, /lovelace/kitchen


  • entity_id
  • large (optional)

Will open the more-info dialog for entity_id, e.g. camera.front_door, light.living_room,

If large is true, the more-info dialog will open maximized (i.e. as if you had clicked on the header bar).

Note that if you're using popup-card the popup card will replace the dialog as usual - provided the browser is currently in a view where the popup card is defined.


  • title
  • card
  • large (optional)
  • style (optional)

Will open a dialog with the heading title and contents provided by card. E.g

  command: popup
  title: Time to turn off the lights?
    type: entities
      - light.bed_light
      - light.kitchen_lights
      - light.outdoors


Close the popup dialog opened by popup, more-info or debug.


Refreshes the lovelace config. Same as clicking "Refresh" in the top right menu.


  • theme

Sets the current theme.

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