Lovelace plugin for using Fully Kiosk Browser features in home-assistant
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Lovelace plugin for use with Fully Kiosk Browser.

This enables home-assistant to monitor and controll te screen of an android device currently viewing your lovelace UI. It can also lets you add a sensor for motion in front of the camera of the device as well as battery and charging status.


  1. Copy lovelace-fullykiosk.js to <ha config>/www/lovelace-fullykiosk.js

  2. Add a light and binary_sensor to your home-assistant config

  - platform: template

  - platform: mqtt
    name: dashboard_motion
    state_topic: any/value
  1. Add a file <ha config>/www/kiosk-config.js with the following contents:
setTimeout(function() {
  LovelaceFullyKiosk.bind("fully_kiosk_id", "light.dashboard_screen", "binary_sensor.dashboard_motion");
}, 200);

where fully_kiosk_id is the Device ID from Fully Kiosk Browser (available under Settings->Other Settings).

  1. Add the .js files as resources in ui-lovelace.yaml
  - url: /local/lovelace-fullykiosk.js
    type: js
  - url: /local/kiosk-config.js
    type: js
  1. In Fully Kiosk Browser, Enable Settings->Advanced Web Settings->Javascript Interface (PLUS) and Settings->Motion Detection (PLUS)->Enable Visual Motion Detection

  2. Point Fully Kiosk Browser to your lovelace UI.

You should now be able to turn the screen on or off and adjust it's brightness from home-assistant. The light switch should also update if you turn the screen on or off manually.

The motion sensor in home-assistant should activate for five seconds if something moves in front of the camera.

Both the screen light and the motion sensor has the attributes battery_level and charging which contains battery and charge status.

If things don't work

First things first: Check your home-assistant log. Does it say something about "Unexpected token <"? If so, you need to download the RAW file from github, not the html version. Use the link from point 1 in the installation instructions.

If the log says something about "kiosk-config.js:1:20" you caught me before I changed a bug in the documentation. Make sure the first line of kiosk-config.js says function, not functon.

If the log says something about "FullyKiosk.bind is not a function", You're probably running the latest version of Fully Kiosk Browser, but not of the script. Download the script again, and make sure that you change every occurence of FullyKiosk in your kiosk-config.js to LovelaceFullyKiosk.

If that didn't work, you'll need to know a little trick. When you change a script (e.g. kiosk-config.js), you need to avoid that your browser gets a cached version without your new changes. The easiest way to do this is to add ?1 after the URL in ui-lovelace.yaml, and increase that number every time you make a change.

The first change you need to make to kiosk-config.js is to add LovelaceFullyKiosk.debug(); before }, 200);. Then increase the number, reload the page, and you should see that the title of the lovelace page has changed. Hopefully the new title will give you some hints as to what might be wrong.

If not, I recommend checking the home-assistant log and the log output of your computers browser.


Bonus note: To get a camera view from the device into home-assistant, enable Settings->Remote Administration (PLUS)->Enable Remote Administration and Settings->Remote Administration (PLUS)->Remote Admin from Local Network. Set an admin password under Settings->Remote Administration (PLUS)->Remote Admin Password. Then add

  - name: dashboard_camera
    platform: generic
    still_image_url: http://ip-of-device:2323?cmd=getCamshot&password=your_admin_password

to your home-assistant config.

Media player

The project which inspired this plugin - ha-floorplan-kiosk by Petar Kozul - also allows the device to be used as a media player.

Since this function does not depend on Fully Kiosk Browser, I put that in a separate plugin: lovelace-player.