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🔹 Display whatever you want in an entities card row.
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Display whatever you want in an entities card row.

For installation instructions see this guide.

Install template-entity-row.js as a module.

  - url: /local/template-entity-row.js
    type: module

Usage example

Note: This is not a card. It's a row for an entities.

Skärminspelning 2020-01-03 kl  23 03 16 mov

type: entities
title: Default
  - light.bed_light
  - entity: input_boolean.car_home
  - type: custom:template-entity-row
    icon: mdi:lamp
    name: "The light is {{states('light.bed_light')}} but nobody's"
    state: "{% if is_state('input_boolean.car_home', 'on')%} home {% else %} away {% endif %}"
    secondary: "It's {{states('sensor.time')}}"
    active: "{{ is_state('light.bed_light', 'off') }}"
  - type: custom:template-entity-row
    icon: mdi:car
    name: Hi there
    condition: "{{is_state('input_boolean.car_home', 'on')}}"


  • icon, name, state, secondary, image selects what icon, name, state, secondary_info text and entity_picture to display respectively.
  • active if this evaluates to "true", the icon gets the color --paper-item-icon-active-color. Otherwise --paper-item-icon-color.
  • entity if this evaluates to an entity id, icon, name, state and image will be taken from that entity unless manually overridden.
  • condition if this is set but does not evaluate to "true", the row is not displayed.

All options accept jinja2 templates.

Jinja templates have access to a few special variables. Those are:

  • config - an object containing the card configuration
  • user - the username of the currently logged in user
  • browser - the deviceID of the current browser (see browser_mod).
  • hash - the hash part of the current URL.

In evaluated templates the function _(<key>) (underscore) will localize the <key> to the current language. E.g. _( will be replaced with Clear if your language is set to English.

To find the available keys, open your browsers console, type in the following and press Enter:



Why does this look weird?

Because you're not using it correctly. This is not a card. It's an entity row, and is meant to be used inside the entities card

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