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Spring MVC on Google AppEngine lab

This repo contains code for a basic (really, basic) application built on Spring MVC to be published on Google AppEngine. No (unit|integration) tests yet.

Thanks to for inspiration and insight.

Tested with Spring Framework version 3.0.5 and GAE version 1.4.3.

Getting started:

  • Make sure the GAE plugin is installed as an Eclipse plugin.
  • Create new project in eclipse
  • rename war/WEB-INF/appengine-web-default.xml to appengine-web.xml
  • In appengine-web.xml, insert your application name
  • Start the project

TODO: (patches are accepted)

  • Maven-ify the project in order not to have to commit the jars into GitHub
  • Prettify the output
  • Implement ability to do content-negotiating and returning the correct Greeting
  • Implement json for the list of greetings
  • Inject the UserService into the GreetingsController
  • Implement caching