RESTful API's to add/delete/list todo notes
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Spring Boot App. Simple note taker web service. RESTful API's to retrieve all notes, add a new one and delete existing one. There is no security as of now. Simply run the Boot app and use curl to interact with the RESTful API (JSON payload).

Pre-Requsites (do this only once)

Run a local Eureka Service Registry

Retrieve a copy of the Eureka server project and run that localy to stand up a local instance.

git clone
mvn clean spring-boot:run
http://localhost:8761/eureka/apps (XML feed from Eureka)

Run a local Hysterix Dashboard

Retrieve a copy of the hystrix-dashboard sample server project and run that localy to stand up a local server.

git clone
mvn clean spring-boot:run
From your browser go to http://localhost:7979/

To run the app

Download and run Mongodb.

mongod --dbpath ~/data/mongodata/

Run Application

Run this API application using

mvn spring-boot:run

Interact with app using curl

Add new note

curl http://localhost:8080/notes/add -X POST -d '{"message":"note1", "createdOnDate": "01/01/2015"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Get all notes

curl -XGET  http://localhost:8080/notes/

Delete a note. Replace {noteid} with the actual id.

curl -XDELETE  http://localhost:8080/notes/{noteid}

Actuator endpoint

curl http://localhost:8080/health 
curl http://localhost:8080/env
curl http://localhost:8080/info
curl http://localhost:8080/metrics