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Spring Boot Service Packaged in Docker Container

Simple Spring Boot RESTful service that calls an externally hosted quote service to retrieve a random Chuck Norris jokes. Package and run this in a docker container

Run the Application without Docker

  mvn clean spring-boot:run
  curl http://localhost:8080/quotes/

The curl command above should return a JSON response with the random quote.

Actuator endpoint

curl http://localhost:8080/health 
curl http://localhost:8080/env
curl http://localhost:8080/info
curl http://localhost:8080/metrics

Using Docker

Make sure you install and run docker on your machine. Once installed open a new terminal and run

docker ps (this should return a list of running containers)
docker images (to list all images)
docker rmi -f image_id (to force delete an existing image)
mvn clean package (to ensure your boot jar is generated in target folder)
docker build -t quote-service . (to build docker image)
docker run -p 8080:8080 quote-service (run the container from the image created in previous step. logs should show on stdout)

Run the previously shown curl commands. Assuming you have no issues with the docker image you will get the same response. See the Dockerfile for the docker packaging information.

Using Docker Compose

See the docker-compose.yml file docker swarm init docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml quoter docker service ps quoter_web

I found that it took a really long time for my service to get up and running (like 10 minutes). curl http://localhost:8080/quotes/

To take the app down and exit swarm docker stack rm quoter docker swarm leave --force