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TCX-Tools is a suite of tools that perform helpful operations on TCX files such as:

  • nike+totcx Convert XML Files with iPod foot-pod data from Nike+ to TCX files.

  • tcx-add-gps-coordinate Add a GPS coordinate to an existing TCX file without location information.

  • tcx-strip-heart-rate Removing heart rate information from an existing TCX file.

These tools were written to make Endomondo a little more flexible. For instance, Endomondo does not display a heart rate graph for workouts that without positioning information. However, by adding a single GPS coordinate to the file (such as the location of the gym) you can convince Endomondo to display the heart rate data.


First clone the repository

git clone git://

cd tcx-tools

You will need to install Saxon

sudo aptitude install libsaxon-java

To use nike+totcx to convert Nike+ XML files to TCX files you also need to download the EXSLT template:



The nike+totcx tool is an xsl document that can be used to convert information from a standard Nike+ foot-pod system paired with an iPod to the TCX files supported by Endomondo and Garmin Connect (and many others).

Getting the data

Mount your iPod and find the directory containing the .xml files for the individual workouts. On my iPod the workouts are stored in the directory

  /media/<ipod name>/iPod_Control/Device/Trainer/Workouts/

It is also possible to get the xml files of past runs from the Nike+ website, but it involves some trickery.


./nike+totcx <input xml file> <output tcx file> 


As explained above this tool adds a single GPS coordinate (lat,long) to the tcx file. Doing this will coerce Endomondo to display the heart rate graph that it otherwise wouldn't display.


./tcx-add-gps-coordinate <input tcx file> <output tcx file> <lat> <long>


If you have been out exercising with a companion that used a gps and heart rate monitoring device, you may want to import the GPS trace but not the heart rate information into your own account (on Endomondo, Garmin Connect or other tool). This tool strips the heart rate (and calorie) information from the supplied tcx file, but keeps everything else.


./tcx-strip-heart-rate <input tcx file> <output tcx file>


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