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Wed Jan 18 09:19:30 2006 Jan Vahrenhold (jan)
General Changes (applied to all files):
* Update of the TPIE library to work with 64-bit data types.
This includes:
- Introduction of TPIE_OS_SIZE_T typedef (0...M-1)
This replaces size_t variables. The exact type
may be set using TPIE_OS_SMALL_MEMORY.
- Consistent use of TPIE_OS_OFFSET typedef (0...N-1)
This replaces off_t, unsinged int, long long etc. used by
various programmers.
- Compile-time-check for potential "loss-of-data" problems
when using 64-bit data types.
* Added portability code and changed typedefs and/or
function names as necessary.
* Updated code to get rid of warnings that appeared when using
one of the following gcc compiler directives (description
are taken from the gcc man page):
-Wabi (C++ only)
Warn when G++ generates code that is probably not compatible with
the vendor-neutral C++ ABI. Although an effort has been made to
warn about all such cases, there are probably some cases that are
not warned about, even though G++ is generating incompatible code.
There may also be cases where warnings are emitted even though the
code that is generated will be compatible.
-Wold-style-cast (C++ only)
Warn if an old-style (C-style) cast to a non-void type is used
within a C++ program. The new-style casts (static_cast, reinter-
pret_cast, and const_cast) are less vulnerable to unintended
effects and much easier to search for.
-Woverloaded-virtual (C++ only)
Warn when a function declaration hides virtual functions from a
base class.
-Weffc++ (C++ only)
Warn about violations of the following style guidelines from
Scott Meyers' Effective C++ book:
* Item 11: Define a copy constructor and an assignment operator
for classes with dynamically allocated memory.
* Item 12: Prefer initialization to assignment in constructors.
* Item 14: Make destructors virtual in base classes.
* Item 15: Have "operator=" return a reference to *this.
* Item 23: Don't try to return a reference when you must return
an object.
Also warn about violations of the following style guidelines from
Scott Meyers' More Effective C++ book:
* Item 6: Distinguish between prefix and postfix forms of incre-
ment and decrement operators.
* Item 7: Never overload "&&", "||", or ",".
File-specific Changes:
* ami_device.cpp: Changed device separator character from ':' to
'|' to avoid conflicts with DOS path names.
* ami_key.cpp: Added selectors to key_range.
* ami_stream_single.cpp -> ami_stream_base.cpp
Changed initializer object from static to extern to fix problems
with default_device not being set up properly
* bte_stream_base.cpp: This file is new and contains code
for maintaining stream statistics.
* logstream.cpp: Changed operator<< for char*, since it was
writing garbage in the log.
* mm_base.cpp: Added operator new[].
* mm_base.cpp/mm_register.cpp: Added "pause/resume allocation
counting" methods.
* mm_register.cpp: added TPIE_LOG_MEM_DEBUG debugging level.
TPIE_LOG_DEBUG now hides memory allocation/deallocation.
LOG_DEBUG now will not show memory allocation/deallocation.
use LOG_MEM_DEBUG for most verbose logging level
* portability.cpp: This file is new and contains _WIN32 code
for outputting TPIE_OS_OFFSET to cout.
* tpie_log.cpp: The log files now have a ".txt" suffix.
Thu Apr 17 23:10:02 2003 Jan Vahrenhold (jan)
* all files: modified such as to reflect the "portability.h" code.
* ami_device.cpp, tpie_tempnam.cpp: changed device separator
character from ':' to '|' to avoid conflicts with DOS
path names.
* ami_key.cpp: Changed "max/min" to "this->max/this->min"
to avoid conflicts with STL methods.
Thu Aug 29 23:01:23 2002
* bte_coll_base.cpp, bte_coll_mmap.cpp, bte_coll_ufs.cpp:
Use bid_t to represent the bid type at the bte collection level.
* bte_coll_mmap.cpp: Added the BTE_COLLECTION_MMAP_LAZY_WRITE
constant to specify the writing policy.
* tpie_log.cpp: Using tpie_tempnam instead of tempnam, to avoid
Changed prefix of log file name from "TPLOG" to "tpielog".
* tpie_tempnam.cpp: Added include string.h to make it compile on
* tpie_tempnam.cpp: Added tpie_mktemp to replace mktemp, since it
was giving warnings on FreeBSD and Linux. Added a parameter to
tpie_tempnam to optionally specify the directory. When missing,
it defaults to NULL and tpie_tempnam uses the environment
variable etc.
Mon Jan 14 12:09:41 2002
* this file is now ChangeLog instead of Changelog.
* removed those ugly .d files. Introduced depend
target, which makes a file called Makefile.depend containing all
* ami_single.cpp: deprecated; renamed ami_stream_single.cpp
* bte_stdio.cpp. bte_ufs.cpp, bte_mmb.cpp: deprecated
* bte_coll_mmb.cpp: deprecated; renamed bte_coll_mmap.cpp
* counter.cpp: deprecated
* bte_stream_base.cpp: initial revision, containing consolidated
code from bte_ufs.cpp, bte_mmb.cpp, bte_stdio.cpp
* cpu_timer.cpp: now contains methods to query the timings, not just
to print them
Thu May 17 19:29:14 2001 Octavian Procopiuc (tavi)
* bte_coll_base.cpp, bte_coll_mmb.cpp, bte_coll_ufs.cpp: initial
Tue Oct 28 15:05 1997 Jan Vahrenhold (jan)
* Added check whether pointer passed to ::operator new is NULL.
Thu May 22 22:42 1997 Lars Arge (large)
* We should describe changed to file in this dir in this file!
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