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New release : 082902
Previous release: 062702
* Better temporary name generation for streams, collection and logs.
* New stats() method in AMI_STREAM
* Updates in the manual.
* Various bugfixes.
New release : 062702
Previos release: 0.9.01b
* New random access BTE and AMI tools: AMI_block, AMI_collection,
* Manual updated to reflect the new random access tools.
* Various bugfixes in the mmap stream BTE.
* New naming convention makes it clear which files implement the
streaming functionality and which the random access functionality:
bte_stream_* refer to streams and bte_coll_* refer to random access
* Bugfixes and performance improvements in ufs stream BTE.
* Improved test_ami_sort.cpp
* Improved dependency handling for .h files. Instead of creating .d
files, Makefile now creates and includes one file in each directory,
called Makefile.depend. These files are created during initial
compilation and are updated using 'make depend'.
* New statistics mechanism.
* New file magic_tpie in the test directory for testing TPIE file
types using the UNIX 'file' utility.
New release : 0.9.01b
Previous Release: 0.9.01a
* Compile error in ::operator new with gcc-2.95 fixed
* Performance improvement made in quicksort
* Documentation changes: manual revised and expanded
New release: 0.9.01a
Previous release: 0.8.02a
* TPIE now requires gcc version 2.8.1
- explicit template instantiation is no longer needed
* The use of environment variables has been reduced
- now only AMI_SINGLE_DEVICE is used
* Logging macros have been simplified
- logging macros reduced to LOG_FATAL, LOG_WARNING, LOG_DEBUG_INFO.
* TPIE configuration has been simplified
- example of TPIE configuration file is now included in /test/config.h
- program for helping in determining which BTE to use on given
platform has been included in /test/bte_test.c
* AMI code has been improved
- code simplified and several minor bugs have been fixed
- Stream types have been introduced in AMI_STREAM constructor
- AMI_stream status code removed
- AMI_single_merge() renamed to AMI_merge()
- new AMI_merge() polymorphs introduced for improved efficiency (no
management objects used)
- new AMI_optimized_sort() polymorphs introduced (many
improvements, e.g, more sequential access to substreams during
* BTE_stdio has been improved
- code simplified and several minor bugs have been fixed
- stream header check when opening stream on disk has been completed
* BTE_mmb has been improved
- code simplified and several minor bugs have been fixed
- mmap-based read ahead has been implemented
- bug causing problems when item size did not divide block size has
been fixed
- stream header check when opening stream on disk has been completed
* New BTE_ufs has been introduced:
- performs block I/O like BTE_mmb but uses read()/write() calls
instead of mmap()/unmap() calls
- read-ahead done by file system or via aio-library
* Manual extensively updated and improved:
- several sections modified/rewritten/completed
- new chapter "A Taste of TPIE via a Sample Program" added
- several sections on TPIE configuring added
New release: 0.8.02a
Previous release: 0.8.01a
1) ami_scan no longer performs a seek(0) on output streams before the
scan - its now the users responsibility (allows several scans to
append output to the same stream).
2) Bug in quicksort (when sorting small sets) fixed
3) A number of bugs in connection with substreams fixed.
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