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Mixing ostreams to different TPIE log levels #30

Mortal opened this Issue Oct 12, 2012 · 2 comments

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Mortal commented Oct 12, 2012

With log level set to LOG_INFO, I expect the following code to output two lines of logging, "Info log" twice.

However, "Info log" is only output once.

std::ostream & os = log_info();
os << "Info log" << std::endl;
std::ostream & os2 = log_debug();
os2 << "Debug log" << std::endl;
os << "Info log" << std::endl;
@Mortal Mortal was assigned Oct 12, 2012

Hmm. That does indeed make sense to expect that. Underlying we of cause only have one log stream, and log_info() is just magic for getting that log stream and changing thats priority to info, but I guess this is not that intuitive. If there is not any code in tpie/ts thats make use of the fact that there is only one log stream, then I am all in favure of having several different ones.


This issue has been fixed with the merge of the log branch(a2df975).

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