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std::copying tpie::array iterators should use memmove when possible #31

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Right now, it does not seem that using std::copy with tpie::array on POD types lead to a memmove call when this is the case for std::vector. However, tpie::array and std::vector are similar enough that one would expect this to be the case.


In libstdc++, bits/stl_algobase.h, there is an __Niter_base struct whose job it is to return the base of an iterator (the raw pointer) when the iterator is a __normal_iterator. It seems that if we derive tpie::array's iterator type from std::iterator we will get this bonus.


I've done some more digging, and concerning the libstdc++ implementation and optimizing std::copy, I've found:

std::vector has an iterator typedef that is an alias of __normal_iterator. A __normal_iterator has a public member base() which returns the base (in the case of vector, a T pointer). std::copy and friends optimize for __normal_iterators by using the base() member - in all other cases, no optimization is done by std::copy.

In other words, if we used std::gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator as our tpie::array iterator, we would get the memmove optimization, but this is obviously not portable and not what we want.

However, we could define a template specialization of std::copy for tpie::array::iterators when T is a pod type. Is this perhaps what we should do?

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