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item_type must be trivially copyable in parallel #45

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Currently, we implicitly require, but do not check, that item_type in parallel is trivially copyable. This check should be explicit, or the code should be extended to allow non-trivially copyable types.

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Looking into this now it does not seem that we bit-copy the parallel buffers over - at least I cannot find a failing case. @antialize do you remember where this is a problem?


If you use the ppp branch, and include terrastream/pipe/chunk
Then create a pipe like this
generate_points() | chunk(1024*1024) | parallel(process(), false, 4, 1 ) | unchunk() | consume_points()

Here generate_points, process and consume_points are imaginary classes created by you.
You possibly modify the project example by replacing
parallel(whatever_i_do_now(), false)
chunk(10241024) | parallel( unchunk() | whatever_i_do_now() | chunk(10241024), false, 4, 1) | unchunk()


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