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Block collections and B-trees #77

Mortal opened this Issue Apr 4, 2013 · 4 comments

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Mortal commented Apr 4, 2013

After serialization, the next big thing is data structures. The first step is to implement support for random block access to files containing so-called block collections. With this, we can reintroduce B-trees into TPIE.

Mortal commented Apr 9, 2013

Currently, the stream_accessor class is almost a block collection accessor, except it keeps track of a number of stream properties (item count, item size, items per block) that do not make sense for a block collection.

I am going to introduce a block_accessor of some kind that will share a base class with stream_accessor.

Mortal commented Apr 23, 2013

I now have an initial working implementation of B tree insertion and deletion. All values are stored in the leaves, while the internal nodes only replicate the keys.

I have yet to implement range reporting. I am probably going to support two kinds of range reporting:

  • Writing values in key-sorted order to an STL-style OutputIterator, and
  • Sending entire leaves to a special-purpose block iterator interface. Probably just a functor that accepts parameters const Value * a, const Value * b.

I've continued the work on the B-tree implementation by @Mortal in the augmented_b_tree branch. Currently range reporting using an OutputIterator and the special-purpose block iterator interface has been implemented.

The B-tree is also augmentable by passing an Augment- and Augmentor-type as template parameters.

I'm going to write some documentation and some more unit tests. I'll also try to reuse the code to implement an internal augmentable ab-tree and see how it performs compared to the one in the dynamic_tree branch


We now have a btree in master.

@antialize antialize closed this Feb 3, 2015
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