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Leviathan is a NodeJS application that allows you to execute various scripts/programs in multiple server. This project has been initially built for a school project to deploy 3 versions of the web application that we worked on (production, beta and develop) on 3 differents server and has worked pretty well.

For now, there is no control with the key given in the config file, so be careful if you want to use it (feel free to add the security part if you want to !).

Also, a big thanks to Loïck for his support on this project !



The server node config is in config.json In order to make this work, every cluster must live under the same network (identified by the apiKey), if it's the first node, the application will give you one.

The config.json file looks like that

  "port" : 0000, 
  "ip" : "http://your_ip:port", 
  "role" : "slave", 
  "name" : "Simba", 
  "first" : true,
  "key" : "xxxxxxxxxx[...]", 
  "script" : "", 
  "reach" : "http://node_ip:port"


  • port : Port in which the node will be listening
  • ip : IP Address of the node (this IP will be send to other nodes, so make sure it's accessible)
  • role : slave/master
    • slave is a node that can deploy (i.e execute a script/program)
    • master is a node that can send the deploy command to other nodes (you cannot deploy with a master node)
  • name : the name of the node
  • first : determine if it's the first node or not (in order to determine if this new node will try to integrate an existing network)
  • key : a key that identify the network (if not provided, the application will give you one for the first node)
  • script : the command to run on deploy command
  • reach : when it's not the first node, you specify a running node IP and this node will access the cluster from the provided node


We want to run a deploying node for the script at and a master node in (both on the same PC, but it's the same if not)

First node (deploying node)
    "port" : 8000, 
    "ip" : "",
    "role" : "slave", 
    "name" : "Simba", 
    "first" : true, 
    "key" : "CLRaO1kAoknEGLe8xgUvBMA1aGRLt5O6t0QHJErB5IlZIHcntCW3xA5nUIWm3EiH", 
    "script" : ""
Second node (master node)
    "port" : 8001, 
    "ip" : "",
    "role" : "master", 
    "name" : "Mufasa", 
    "first" : false,
    "reach" : "",
    "key" : "CLRaO1kAoknEGLe8xgUvBMA1aGRLt5O6t0QHJErB5IlZIHcntCW3xA5nUIWm3EiH"
Setting up

Make sure you run the first node first (otherwise the second node will not be set up), and you're good !


Leviathan allows you to execute scripts/programs on a virtual cluster.




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