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Utility collection for Unity with methods, extensions and exceptions
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OatsUtil is a Unity package with a collection of different utilities for Unity scripting. It mostly consists of things I've rewritten multiple times in different projects so I'm putting it all in one package that can be imported into future projects.


  • ComponentExtensions class which gives Unity components methods for getting references to components and GameObjects with null checks and exception logging.
  • CollectionExtensions class which gives Arrays and Lists methods for getting random elements and shuffling their elements.
  • StringExtensions class which gives strings methods for formatting, including pluralizing, adding quotes and adding formatting tags.
  • NumberUtils class with methods for various numerical operations like mapping a value from one range to another, wrapping a value in a range, and checking if a value is within a range.
  • SceneUtils class with methods for accessing GameObjects in the current scene.
  • MissingGameObjectException an exception type for when a Unity GameObject is missing


Getting a reference to an attached component.

Before, using GetComponent:

LineRenderer lineRenderer = GetComponent<LineRenderer>();
if (lineRenderer == null)
      throw new MissingComponentException("A LineRenderer is needed"),

After, using RequireComponent from OatsUtil:

LineRenderer lineRenderer = this.RequireComponent<LineRenderer>();

The RequireComponent<>() method will check for the component and log the exception if the component is missing.

Getting a reference to a child GameObject by name

Before, using FindChild(name):

Transform pivotPoint = transform.FindChild("pivot");
if (pivotPoint == null)
      throw new System.InvalidOperationException("A child name \"pivot\" is needed"),

After, using RequireChildGameObject from OatsUtil:

Transform pivotPoint = this.RequireChildGameObject("pivot");

The RequireChildGameObject() method will check for the child and log an exception if it doesn't exist.

Getting a component in a child object

Just do:


Getting references to a GameObjects in the scene

player1 = SceneUtils.FindComponentInScene<PlayerController>("Player1");
player2 = SceneUtils.FindComponentInScene<PlayerController>("Player2");

Shuffling an array or list


You can also pass in a System.Random object to the shuffle method

System.Random myRandom = new System.Random(rngSeed);

Getting a random element from an array or list

int randomElement = myList.Random();

Foramtting a string

"Hey!".Bold() + " She said " + "Go over there".Quote() + " to find the " + "stanted".Italic() + " sign."

When put into a rich text UI element, it will appear as: Hey! She said "Go over there" to find the slanted sign.

Mapping a value from one numeric range to another

float throttleForce = NumberUtils.MapRange(


Import the package file into Unity. To use the utilities, only the OatsUtil folder is required, the Editor folder contains unit tests and is optional.

Add using OatsUtil; at the top of any of your scripts to use the methods and classes in this asset package.

Running the unit tests

  • Import the package and make sure to import all the folders including /Editor/UnitTests.
  • In Unity do Window -> General -> Test Runner
  • In the Test Runner window, select the EditMode tab
  • Click "Run"
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