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Releases: thomasnordquist/MQTT-Explorer


27 Apr 17:10
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0.4.0-beta1 Pre-release
  • Fix Copy & Paste
  • Allow setting QoS for subscriptions
  • Show Meassge ID (for QoS > 0)
  • Improve JSON editor
  • Allow multiple connections to the same broker from MQTT Explorer (random client ids)
  • Remove recursive topic removal limit
  • Retain focus on publish input fields when publishing
  • Fix editor layout issue
  • Fix password input
  • Fix charts where json properties contain periods
  • Fix publish sidebar width
  • Fix plot range selection
  • Update Electron

A downgrade to a version prior to 0.4.0 is due to a new configuration format not possible.


22 Jul 23:11
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Special delivery


17 Jul 23:15
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  • Add keyboard support
    • Navigate with arrow keys and tab return and escape
    • Delete topic topics with delete key
  • Add time range options to chart panel
  • Add "Clear Data" option to charts
  • Add support for client certificates
  • Add support for SNI (encryption related)
  • Make connection profile list scrollable
  • Improve browsability of previous messages
  • various small fixes


21 Jun 00:18
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Preview for SNI and client certificates


18 Jun 21:31
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This month is all about visualizing data:

  • Add functionality to plot JSON data
  • Add chart panel, containing multiple plots (bottom panel)
  • Chart panel and settings will be restored on restart
  • Charts can be paused
  • Panels can be hidden/overlap others completely
  • Plot range can be customized
  • Plot interpolation can be customized
  • Migrated public broker from to
  • Fix unrounded time intervals in the message history
  • Fix weird plot curve interpolations


06 May 10:46
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It has been too long since the last release.

Since then in over 180 commits 8000 lines of code were changed, a lot of things have improved.

  • Add a pause function
  • Add light / dark themes
  • Add localized date formatting
  • Allow pinning self-signed-certificates
  • Allow to copy values from message history
  • Buffer changes while in pause mode
  • Improve layout
  • Improve numeric plot layout and smooth curves
  • Improve scroll behavior message history
  • Improve performance and memory footprint by ~30%
  • Improve text selection behavior (Ctrl+A) for value preview and history
  • Immediately apply changed settings
  • Fix memory leak on search and disconnect

  • etc.


03 May 01:01
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0.2.5 Pre-release

Skipped due to a small fix (3bfc59d)


09 Mar 09:54
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  • Highlight differences in the last received message with a "diff" view
  • Make user interactions more predictable by removing "select topic on mouse over"
  • Add "Quick Preview" setting, to enable topic selection on mouse over
  • Add JSON formatter
  • Show error when connection to the MQTT broker is lost
  • Fix bug where MQTT explorer resets the tree after a reconnect
  • Fix MQTT-Client id


18 Feb 23:31
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  • Support multiple connection profiles
  • Support custom subscriptions
  • Delete Topics recursively
  • Add option to disable activity indicator
  • Add connection health indicator
  • Remember settings after exiting the app
  • Fixed ws:// connections
  • Fixed exception after failed connection
  • Rework topic selection indicator
  • Fix scrollbar (draggable scroll handle)
  • Improve look & feel
  • Reduce binary size by ~60%


18 Feb 22:47
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0.2.0-alpha Pre-release

Prepare alpha release